Published on December 5, 2014

The Importance of Partnerships

From time to time, we’ll sit down with one of our partners and talk with them about a particular topic or a passion that they have. Recently we sat down with Andrew Kirschner, Chef/Owner of LA hotspot Tar & Roses to talk about the importance of partnerships.

Displaying L1000069_1000px.jpg Tar + Roses Chef Stephen Trujillo, Reserve CEO Greg Hong and Tar + Roses Chef/Owner Andrew Kirschner

Reserve: What do you think makes someone a good partner?

Andrew: Someone who listens and understands our own individual needs as a restaurant. Restaurants are all very different and there is a ton of variety even within a given category, whether it be New American or farm-to-table cuisine. A majority of the new companies trying to break into the dining space don’t realize that we’re not all the same. That’s actually been our favorite thing about working with Reserve so far - their willingness to think outside of the box and learn the needs of our particular restaurant.

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Reserve: Why did you decide to partner with Reserve?

Andrew: It was an amazing opportunity to partner with a forward thinking and dynamic group. We liked that the Reserve team encouraged us to be frank about what we thought of the service and what we would need for it to work for us.

Not only do they know the product inside and out–and have a clear vision of its future–they are incredibly receptive to our feedback and incorporating creative, and hospitality-focused, features into new versions of the app. This partnership not only provides value to us, but also enhances the experiences of our guests.

Reserve: How important are partnerships to running a great restaurant?

Andrew: They are everything.

Displaying Tar and Roses 11.jpg

Reserve: What is your vision for Tar & Roses, and can Reserve help?

Andrew: Our vision has always remained the same since its inception; to be the best neighborhood restaurant in Santa Monica, consistently serving exciting food, backed by the warmest hospitality imaginable! Reserve gives us the tools we need to strengthen our hospitality so the experience starts before the guest gets to the restaurant and continues all the way through the end of the meal. Our diners have especially loved having their checks paid seamlessly through the app. The days of reaching for the credit card at the end of dinner are nearly over. Through Reserve, the guest and the restaurant can focus on what’s really important–the dining experience.

Interview edited by Nadja Blagojevic, Director of Content and Communications

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