Published on October 5, 2015

Supporting Journee and the Restaurant Community

Reserve’s mission has always been to make dining better for restaurants and guests. Though we’re a technology company, we realize that creating great food and providing exceptional hospitality is at the heart of running a great restaurant. That’s why we’re excited to announce a $15,000 donation to Journee, an educational organization dedicated to empowering restaurant pros and creating meaningful change for the industry.

Another great New York-based startup, Journee is taking an innovative approach to hospitality education. Through classes, fireside chats, demonstrations, interactive seminars and more, Journee is leveraging technology to help industry professionals learn, connect, share and be inspired. By creating an extensive video studio within their Flatiron headquarters, Journee is helping industry leaders share practical, helpful and inspiring knowledge far beyond the traditional classroom, reaching non-traditional students who often work schedules that keep them from attending in-person professional development courses.

The donation we’re making will specifically go towards Journee’s Kickstarter campaign to provide online education classes taught by Master Sommelier Richard Betts and Winemaker and former Director of Wine at the Spotted Pig, Carla Rzeszewski. The donation will unlock classes on beer and spirits, including mezcal, tequila and whiskey, which will be added to the current curriculum on how to taste wine. Journee is also adding classes on tea and coffee to create a well-rounded beverage education program.


We encourage you to explore the Kickstarter campaign and Journee’s offerings — we’re thrilled to support their mission and vision, and to support the restaurant community at large.    

Greg Hong, Reserve Co-Founder and CEO

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