Published on April 11, 2016

Spring Stats: What to Eat Now

Did you know that people's dining habits change with the weather? Spring has officially sprung, and the the start of those easy, breezy afternoons means one very important thing: fresh food season is here! Crisp asparagus, peas, strawberries, radishes (the list goes on) are bursting on the scene, and people are searching for (and digging into) all kinds of yummy, springtime foods.

So what should you be eating this season? Check out this fresh infographic to find out:


What are the most requested cuisines?

  • In winter, Reserve diners want to eat Italian, American and Chinese cuisine the most. With the warmer weather, people start to crave Seafood, Californian and Japanese dishes.

More sunshine means smaller parties?

  • Maybe because it's easier to stay cool with fewer folks around, but people tend to eat out in smaller groups in spring.

What foods and drinks trend in spring?

  • According to Foursquare, people are searching for Italian ices, waffle cones, Arnold Palmers, root beer floats, iced coffee and lemonade. Yum!

Where are the best farmers markets?

  • Most of the top-rated farmers markets are on the coasts. But (surprise!) Detroit and Kansas City both rank super high for fresh, local produce.

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