Published on July 16, 2015

Split Your Check with Reserve

You spoke, we listened. Since launching Reserve last fall, the most-requested feature — both from our guests and from our restaurant partners — has been the ability for a group to split the check in an easy, seamless way.

Now, for the first time ever, diners in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago will be able to both make restaurant reservations and split the bill using just one app. In addition to helping you and your party pay effortlessly, Reserve also provides recommendations of great places to go, makes it easy for you to invite friends to join you and asks for your feedback to make your next dining experience even better.

Thanks to a lot of research, including more than 10 high-level feature iterations, and literally hundreds of different design iterations, sharing the check has never been easier. Here’s how it works.

CheckSplit_Blog_1 Once your reservation is confirmed, you’ll easily be able to invite friends to split the check

After placing your reservation request and getting confirmed at a great restaurant, you’ll have the option to invite guests to split the check with you. As the host of your party, the tip rate for the meal will be calculated based on your tipping preferences, which you can adjust at anytime. Guests can easily be added from your phone’s contact list, and Reserve will send a text message to their mobile phone to let them know you’ve invited them to share the bill.

CheckSplit_Blog_2 See at a glance who has accepted your invite to split the check, and what portion you’re paying

Once you have invited guests to split the check, you’ll be able to easily see whether they have accepted your invitation. Guests who haven’t accepted your invite will be listed as pending, and guests who have will be listed as a paying guest. As your guests accept, your portion of the bill will decrease. The entire check —  including tax, tip and Reserve’s $5 concierge fee —  is divided evenly between everyone who accepts. For example, if you invite three friends to share the bill with you, you’ll be responsible for 50% of the bill if just one accepts, 33% of the bill when two accept, and 25% of the bill when all three accept. You can see how much of the check you’ll pay by looking at the green segment of the wheel on the “Split check” screen.

CheckSplit_Blog_3 Your guests will get a text and can accept or decline your invite, then see who else is paying

Your guest will see your invitation and be prompted to sign up for Reserve if they haven’t already, so they can pay their share. In the app, they’ll easily be able to accept or decline your invite, and have their portion of the bill effortlessly charged to the card on file in the app once the meal is over. If a friend accepts your invite but then isn’t able to make it to the meal, they can opt out of splitting the check at any time before the check is closed at the end of the meal. And don’t worry — if you have a big client dinner or date coming up you still always have the option to pay for the entire party.

We know that there are lots of opinions about the best way to split the check and sensitivities around paying as part of a group. Feedback and requests from our diners and restaurant partners help us achieve our goal of making dining better for everyone, at every meal, and we’re thrilled to deliver this long-requested feature. We can’t wait to get you and your whole party seated soon.

Happy dining,

Greg Hong, CEO and Co-Founder


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