Published on January 18, 2015

Shojo Reservations on Reserve

Make a reservation at Shojo in Boston. Tables are available exclusively through Reserve.

shojo boston


offers modern Asian cuisine through a seasonal menu focused on small, shareable plates by Chef Mark O’Leary. The bar is home to a rum-focused, tiki-influenced selection of craft cocktails. Murals by local artists on exposed brick walls decorate the colorful space.

When you're there, be sure to order the Shadowless Duck Fat Fries. Chef Mark O'Leary detailed the origins of the dish to Boston Magazine. "Originally the Shadowless fries were just this throwaway dish that was never meant for the menu. Our bartender, Mike Patterson, would order this for himself almost every night." Wonder why they're called 'shadowless' fries? O'Leary explains, "Long story short, Shadowless implies that something is so unique that there’s no comparison. That’s what our fries are like."

Get seated at Shojo in Boston.

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