Published on July 19, 2016

Reserve for Restaurants Hits 2 Million Guests Served

When we launched Reserve for Restaurants two months ago, we were lauded in the press as a new challenger to OpenTable, but routinely faced the questions: “What about your network? How will you drive diners?”

Today we’re pleased to announce that more than 2 million guests have already been served by Reserve’s table management software, and it’s still just early days. More than 200 restaurants - including independent operators like Fat Rice in Chicago and groups like Mission Chinese Food, DC’s Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants and the Altamarea Group in New York - are using Reserve to run their business and connect with their guests.

reserve hits 2 million Row 34 in Boston is one of the most recent businesses to move to Reserve for Restaurants

They chose Reserve because of our features (the ability to manage their business from anywhere, the best CRM on the market, dead-simple design that lets you seat a diner in two taps) and our philosophy. We believe restaurants should be able to run their everyday operations using technology they love, and if you’re going to spend 12 hours a day in a piece of software it should be beautiful to look at and intuitive to use.

Over the last two months, we’ve seen a few interesting things:

  • More web traffic for partners: Early Reserve partners are seeing more traffic come to their own websites, which builds a stronger association for the guest with the restaurant’s brand.
  • Strong cost-savings: While it’s still early to report numbers across the board, some Reserve partners are saving thousands of dollars a month and are looking at how to invest those savings back into their business, including potential wage increases for staff. Given the national debate around BOH/FOH wages, we’re hoping to work with our partners to share findings with the broader restaurant community as more data becomes available.
  • More great tables for diners: Because they don’t have to pay cover fees on diners seated through Reserve technology, partners who come over from legacy table management systems list more inventory (especially prime time tables) - a win for diners looking for a great 8 pm spot.

We’re thrilled to help so many guests find great restaurants, make reservations and seamlessly pay the bill, and to be able to work with so many great restaurant partners right out of the gate who have come to Reserve for Restaurants from platforms like OpenTable, SeatMe and others.

This is just the start - we’re excited to keep growing our network on both sides by building software to support the act of hospitality without replacing it and making the dining experience better for everyone.

Greg Hong, Reserve Co-Founder and CEO


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