Published on February 27, 2018

Integration Announcement: Reserve + Instagram


Our first of many partnerships in 2018, Reserve is thrilled to announce we're now integrated with Instagram! Now the time you spend posting drool worthy food pictures and engaging with your followers can actually bring guests back to your restaurant, right from your profile. To take advantage of this integration, make sure that your Instagram is setup as a business profile (and not a personal one)—we've taken care of the rest!.

While working with Instagram on how to build this out, we recognized two very important attributes. First, speed and efficiency in the booking process—the less barriers the better! That's why we built it so a user's information can be autofilled into the booking widget. When they tap into the booking widget, Instagram will prompt them to autofill the fields with their information. Voila!

Secondly, the ability to track bookings, collect data, and feed it back to our partners in a quick and accessible way was pertinent. With this integration, we can track how many people are looking at availability from your Instagram profile, as well as making and completing reservations. This is another way to track your customer's journey, all the way from seeing that amazing food pic to sitting down and eating it themselves. Now your social media engagement is not just about marketing but about actually driving diners to your business.

As an added bonus, please contact us if you are interested in or already doing promoted posts with Instagram. We can now help you see how well those are performing as well!

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