Published on February 27, 2018

Better Reservations for Your Guests: How We're Educating Concierge About Reserve


We know how important tourists and business travelers are to our restaurant partners, filling seats and bringing in important incremental dollars. And restaurants are equally important to those same guests. Food in tourism is now more important than ever. In fact, in an online survey done by Statista in 2017, 57% of U.S. travelers surveyed stated that nearby restaurants and bars are very important when choosing a hotel for a leisure trip and 37% said it was somewhat important. Essentially, almost 100% of respondents said proximity to good restaurants plays at least some factor in their decision about where to stay.

As a result, Reserve has made it our mission to educate hotel concierge across the country. These individuals, depending on the hotel, make anywhere from tens to thousands of reservations a month. They take the guest experience they deliver very seriously, so we want to equip them with the easiest way to book at the best restaurants. 

Our team has been traveling from city to city to get in front of the top hotel concierge. In the past few months, we've met concierge in Denver, Chicago, and Atlanta at their city's respective Reserve Cocktails & Bites Events. We've provided them with detailed, step-by-step information about how to use Reserve to book and got them in front of some of our restaurant partners so they can further their own relationships. 


To reinforce our vision and continue to leverage the importance of concierge, we've also started to partner with local hospitality associations. Last week, Reserve CEO Greg Hong spoke to an engaged room of about 40 members of the National Concierge Association - Chicago Chapter's monthly meeting, discussing Reserve and how we're different, who we work with in Chicago, and how Chicago concierge can use Reserve to book on behalf of their guests. 

Hong said, " 'Influencer' has been a buzz word for a few years now but everyone in the restaurant business knows that some of the biggest influencers are your local concierge teams. That's why we have started a concentrated in person and digital outreach program to work with those teams in each of our markets to help educate them about the great partners we have on the Reserve platform and how easy it is for them to ensure a great experience for their hotel guests.”

Looking forward, Reserve's VP of Customer Success, Peter Esmond, will be attending the Chicago Hotel Concierge Association's bi-monthly meeting this Thursday, 3/1 as our continued commitment to expanding our brand awareness among components of the dining ecosystem. We're also looking forward to meeting many of DC's top concierge at our Cocktail & Bites in Washington this Thursday, 3/1, as well. We'll be replicating these efforts in other cities, so stay tuned!

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