Published on January 8, 2015

Reserve and Momofuku Ko Partner for Charity

At Reserve we’re driven by the dual purpose of making dining better for restaurants and their guests. Starting this Monday, January 12th, in partnership with David Chang and Momofuku Ko, that mission will officially expand, as dedicated seats at Momofuku Ko will be set aside in Reserve’s dining concierge app for a charitable cause.

Every Monday, starting at noon and ending at 10 pm ET, diners requesting dinner for two for the upcoming Saturday night will see Momofuku Ko listed along with Reserve’s other restaurant partners. After selecting Momofuku Ko, diners can read about the restaurant and the cause chosen by the Momofuku team.


Guests can pick Momofuku Ko and read about the restaurant and the cause being supported

Momofuku Ko will be using a special version of Reserve’s bidding feature to allow diners to express their interest in the seats held for charity. Typically, restaurants using the bidding feature will accept multiple guests at different bidding levels for a single evening. However for Momofuku Ko, only the guest with the highest bid for that evening will secure the two seats for that Saturday.


Diners bid for the table, at the end of the meal Reserve handles payment through the app

Bids are expressed as a percent of menu prices, and are calculated based on the pre-tax and tip bill subtotal. For example, if a 10% bid was accepted and the cost of items ordered came to $350, an extra $35 would be added to the total (before tax and tip). Reserve and Momofuku Ko would donate that $35 to the charity displayed on the bidding screen. As with every Reserve meal, payment at the end of the meal will be handled seamlessly through the app.

Bidding will close on Monday at 10 pm ET, and on Tuesday morning any guest who placed a bid will be contacted via email and through the Reserve app.


Both the Reserve and Momofuku teams are excited to be working with Edible Schoolyard NYC as our first charity partner. Established more than 20 years ago in Berkeley, California, the Edible Schoolyard program has spread across the country, bringing food education to schools, teachers and children. Through an integrated seed-to-table curriculum and program, Edible Schoolyard NYC’s goal is to transform the hearts, minds and eating habits of young New Yorkers. In recognition of the many worthy causes needing to be tackled at home and abroad, the charitable cause will change on a monthly basis, and will include charities addressing hunger, obesity, the environment and the arts.

At Reserve, as a part of every conversation we have with our potential partners, we ask them how we can improve their business, help them express their creative vision and make the dining experience better for them. The partnership between Reserve and Momofuku is built around our shared desire to give back in creative ways. We hope our collaboration helps raise awareness for some of the worthy organizations in our community and beyond who are working to improve the world around us.

Greg Hong, CEO and Co-Founder

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