Published on October 4, 2016

21 Pink Cocktails in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Raise awareness and a glass to this worthy cause with pink cocktails as beautifully bold as its supporters. From rosy blush to vibrant magenta, be inspired by all the shades of pink in this month-long mission of hope. Of course, there’s never a wrong time for a tasty cocktail, so check out some the most delicious ways to drink pink.


1. SHADDOCK ROSE - The Perennial (San Francisco)

pink cocktails Photo provided by The Perennial. Photo by Alanna Hale.

Swing into The Perennial in San Francisco for the Shaddock Rose. A tasty blend of Tapatio Blanco tequila, grapefruit cordial and bitters with a citrusy garnish to top it off.

2. #4 - Birch (Los Angeles)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Birch.

Made with umeboshe (Japanese salt plums), manzanilla (sherry), lemon, black rose, strawberry pearls and pepper, the simply named #4 at Birch in Los Angeles is pale pink with fresh taste.

3. BROKEN HEART MARGARITA - Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar (Boston)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar.

The Broken Heart Margarita is the fix at Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar in Boston, bringing together Reposado Tequila, Combier, elderflower, grapes and raspberries for a refreshing, sweet taste.

4. FRESA - Rouge Tomate (New York City)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Rouge Tomate.

Experience the refreshing Fresa at Rouge Tomate in NYC, made with strawberry syrup, chamomile tea, lemon and chia seeds.

5. EL MESCALERO DEL NORTE - Boltwood (Chicago)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Boltwood.

The El Mescalero del Norte at Boltwood in Chicago blends Cimarron Tequila with mezcal, grapefruit and Campari for that beautifully pink hue and an unforgettable flavor.

6. CHANEL 51 MONTAIGNE - Bearnaise (Washington D.C.)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Bearnaise.

At upscale French spot Bearnaise in Washington D.C., try the Chanel 51 Montaigne, made with gin, watermelon, mint, lime and simple syrup.

7. ANGEL IN DISGUISE -  Honey’s (Chicago)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Honey’s.

If you’re looking for a creamy and delicious blend, check out the Angel in Disguise at Honey’s in Chicago, made with Rhinehall plum brandy, Earl Grey tea, blackberry mure, lemon and egg white.

8. OLD SCHOOL - Arbella (Chicago)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Arbella.

Taking us back to the days of PB&J’s is the Old School cocktail at Arbella in Chicago, made with Peanut Butter-infused vodka and jelly ice for a classic flavor you can’t resist.

9. CORAZON DE FRESAS - Rustic Canyon (Los Angeles)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Rustic Canyon.

With a unique mix of Nuestra Soledad Mezcal, basil, strawberries and lime, the Corazon de Fresas at Rustic Canyon in Los Angeles is a beautifully bold shade of pink.

10. SHINE ME UP - Whetstone (Philadelphia)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Whetstone Tavern. Photo by Vanessa Beahn.

Go for the Shine Me Up at Whetstone in Philadelphia, made with strawberry-steeped Moonshine, vodka, Campari and fresh lemon.

11. GREYHOUND PROPER - The Hungry Cat (Los Angeles)

pink cocktails Photo provided by The Hungry Cat.

A citrusy blend best enjoyed in a stylish spot like The Hungry Cat, the Greyhound Proper features Plymouth gin and pink grapefruit and it topped off with candied grapefruit.

12. BLACK LISTEAD - Caulfield's Bar & Dining Room (Los Angeles)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Caulfield’s Bar & Dining Room.

With a cheeky name and a pretty pink hue, the Black LisTEAd at Caulfield’s Bar & Dining Room in Los Angeles is a refreshing blend that can’t be beat.

13. HEAVEN ON HER LIPS - Tavern Road (Boston)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Tavern Road.

Heaven on Her Lips at Tavern Road in Boston is made with gin, lime juice, strawberry and basil leaves — perfectly balanced, crisp and bright for a any evening.

14. BARBIE DREAMHOUSE - Honey’s (Chicago)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Honey’s. Photo by Andrew Miller.

Experience the Barbie Dreamhouse at Honey’s in Chicago — a play on the classic Cosmopolitan featuring smoked vodka in an electric shade of pink.

15. GIN AND TONIC - Fiola (Washington D.C.)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Fiola.

Made with a spiced watermelon ice cube, Fiola in Washington D.C. puts a beautiful spin on a traditional gin and tonic that looks as good as it tastes.

16. COBBLER -  Salt Air (Los Angeles)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Salt Air. Photo by Jakob Layman.

The Cobbler — a citrusy blend of Peychaud’s bitters, hibiscus, Carpano Antica (Italian vermouth), lemon and orange — is a perfect, breezy drink to take in at Salt Air in LA.

17. BEET & THYME PISCO SOUR - Comedor (Boston)

pink cocktails Photo by Comedor.

South American spot Comedor in Boston creates an intriguing mix of flavors in its Beet & Thyme Pisco Sour, fresh and full-bodied with a frothy egg white.

18. FROZEN RASPBERRY MARGARITA - El Toro Blanco (New York City)

pink cocktails Photo provided by El Toro Blanco.

Made with fresh raspberry, lime and agave, the Frozen Raspberry Margarita at El Toro Blanco in NYC will brighten both your day and your table.

19. FUNKY CHICKEN - Arbella (Chicago)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Arbella.

In Arbella’s Funky Chicken cocktail, featuring Lollipop Rye, lemon puree and beer with a Tajin (Mexican chili spice) rim, Mexican lollipops are dissolved in rye whiskey for a cocktail that has all the flavors we love— sweet, salty, spicy and sour.

20. THE LAJARA -  Harvest (Boston)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Harvest.

At Harvest in Boston, The Lajara is a deliciously pink drink made with Zapopan Blanco tequila, lime, orange and fennel.

21. THE VIOLET FEMME - Lo Spiedo (Philadelphia)

pink cocktails Photo provided by Lo Spiedo.

The Violet Femme at Lo Spiedo in Philly is a beautiful pink blend of mint-infused Tito's vodka,  sour cherry shrub and lychee juice.


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