Published on June 23, 2016

4 Octopus Dishes We Love in Northern California

Lately, more and more octopus dishes have been cropping up on menus across the country. And it's no surprise — when prepared well, these highly intelligent, somewhat mysterious creatures make for some delectable dishes. Both tender and hearty, this versatile seafood is perfectly at home mixed in with a variety of flavors and cuisines. Check out some of our favorite octopus renditions in and around San Francisco.


1. OCTOPUS - Seaside Metal (Guerneville, CA)

octopus sf Photo provided by Seaside Metal.

Castelvetrano olives, spring onions, fingerling potatoes and yogurt adorn the octopus at coastal-inspired Seaside Metal in Guerneville, just outside of Northern California's picturesque Russian River Valley.

2. GRILLED OCTOPUS - 25 Lusk (San Francisco)

octopus sf Photo provided by 25 Lusk.

San Francisco’s 25 Lusk serves up a freshly grilled octopus dish with caramelized fennel, arugula, hazelnut streusel and a blood orange emulsion.

3. BBQ'D OCTOPUS - Bird & The Bottle (Santa Rosa, CA)

octopus sf Photo provided by Bird & The Bottle.

Bird & The Bottle in Santa Rosa offers lots of Southern- and Asian-inspired delights, including a divine barbecued octopus with bean sprout-miso slaw.

4. GRILLED SPANISH OCTOPUS - Pläj (San Francisco)

octopus sf Photo provided by Pläj.

Pläj, San Francisco’s only restaurant dedicated to Scandinavian fare, offers a grilled Spanish octopus with celery, cucumber and tzatziki (a yogurt sauce).

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