Published on May 20, 2015

Il Buco Alimentari Reservations on Reserve

il buco reservations


is a relaxed Mediterranean-Italian dining destination in NoHo, particularly known for house-cured meats and homemade bread. Home to the original site of the Great Jones Lumber Supply, the restaurant, wine bar and market hybrid contains traces of lumber yard graffiti on the brick walls, while communal tables, Italian antique furniture and modern artisan steel touches round out the minimal-chic interior. The wine list contains a handful of domestic and imported favorites, as well as an ever-changing queue of new producers.

Adam Platt, esteemed NY Mag food critic writes: "Some of the most respected gastronomes in town have compared their meals at this precious little restaurant to ones they’ve enjoyed in Italy itself. If you stick to Justin Smillie’s beautifully balanced pastas (try the twirls of Southern Italian “busiate” pasta enmeshed in anchovies, tomatoes, and mint) or the ribbons of roast porchetta (best enjoyed at lunchtime stuffed inside a filone roll), that may be true."

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