Published on May 9, 2018

Fast Five with Fabio Trabocchi

Fabio Trabocchi, the acclaimed DC chef and restaurateur, is growing his restaurant empire quickly and the industry is taking notice. 

We chatted with Fabio about operating in the nation's capital and what's ahead for his restaurant group.

Photo of Fabio Trabocchi, chef/owner of Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants.

Tell me a little bit about Washington DC - what made you choose our capitol as home base for your restaurants? What makes it unique as a place to operate in? Would you considering expanding outside of the city?
Washington DC has a vibrant food scene that is reshaping the city itself and taking our industry to new heights, resulting in many possibilities for our guests. It is an exciting time for our industry. As a family, we love DC. It’s where my wife Maria and I met, where are children were born and raised. It's our home. That being said, we are definitely looking outside the city (carefully…) for new opportunities to grow our business.

How has Reserve allowed you to bring the “possibilities of your guests” to new heights? Making our guests happy is our number one priority. Reserve’s guestbook and features allow us to build guest loyalty through the shared guestbook, personalized guest notes (group vs. restaurant), and customized reservation tags for holidays and events. We use these tools in our mission to turn first time diners into lifelong patrons.

Speaking of lifelong patrons, what about Reserve made you join so early and stay as one of our longest standing partners?
We wanted a partner that would help us redefine the reservations process, someone who would be a good listener to our needs and help us accommodate most of them. Since we started working with Reserve in late 2015, it has been a real partnership. We appreciate their responsiveness, hands-on approach, and dedication to our success. Many of the features and functionality we’ve requested have come through, including manager restrictions, credit card storage, POS integration, etc.

Del Mar 228486Photo of Trabocchi's newest opening, Del Mar, provided by the restaurant.

Back to food - what’s going on in your kitchens right now?
Right now it's the blossoming of spring. I personally feel, culinary-speaking, reborn. All our creative juices are coming out. The food is lighter, and our kitchens and dishes lighten up.

And now that you have 5 restaurants and counting, what keeps you light and on your toes?
After all these years, what I still like the most is to be part of a busy restaurant service – coaching and inspiring our teams.  

A big thanks to Fabio for offering his time to speak with us and for her partnership with Reserve. Do you too want to be featured? Email your Restaurant Success Manager and let us know!

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