Published on August 18, 2016

28 Dishes That are Eggs-actly What We’re Craving

Once a breakfast-only tradition, eggs have made their way into every meal of the day and we couldn’t be more egg-cited. Wake up to lots of egg styles — like scrambled, fried or sunny side — take a mid-day break for deviled eggs, try a refreshing tuna tartare with an egg plopped on top, stir one into a hearty bowl of pasta or whip them into a delicious sauce to pour all over the perfect entree.

There are so many possibilities, we’re eggs-hausted just thinking about them all! Check out all the tasty ways to eat an egg.


1. AHI POKE - Arbella (Chicago)

egg styles Photo provided by Arbella.

Arbella features small plates and snacks from around the world, including an ahi poke dish with tuna marinated in soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil, topped off with an egg yolk.

2. BREAKFAST TACOS - The Sinclair (Chicago)

egg styles Photo provided by The Sinclair.

At The Sinclair in Boston, breakfast tacos are prepared with fluffy eggs, peppers, bacon, tomatoes, avocado, cheese and a side of home fries for brunch goers needing their egg fix.


egg styles Photo provided by ACME.

The Carolina shrimp appetizer at ACME is prepared with tasty egg yolk, pickled turnip and celeriac chips, evoking bold, inventive flavors in every crunchy bite.

4. GOLDEN GALLEON - Dove's Luncheonette (Chicago)

egg styles Photo provided by Dove’s Luncheonette.

The Golden Galleon at Dove’s Luncheonette in Chicago is one unexpected way to experience eggs — made with Marie Brizard Orange Curacao (orange liqueur), lime, egg yolk, mole bitters, house Orgeat (sweet syrup) and El Pelotón de la Muerte Mezcal.

5. DEVILED EGGS - Ditch Plains (New York)

egg styles Photo provided by Ditch Plains.

One of many small plates great for sharing with a group are the deviled eggs at Ditch Plains, topped with delightfully crunchy fried shrimp.

6. BACON & EGGS - The Backroom at Moody's (Boston)

egg styles Photo provided by The Backroom at Moody’s.

The Backroom at Moody’s serves up a delicious pasta dish called “Bacon & Eggs,” a bacon bolognese (meat sauce) with black pepper pasta and a luscious poached egg right on top.

7. MAC N CHEESE - BOA Steakhouse (Los Angeles)

egg styles Photo provided by BOA Steakhouse.

The magic is in the sauce at BOA Steakhouse, serving a mouthwatering Mac N Cheese with orecchiette and toasted panko (bread crumbs) in a smoked Gouda-cheddar Mornay sauce, made from a cream-base with shredded cheese and egg yolk.

8. SOL ASYLUM - L'Apicio (New York)

egg styles Photo provided by L’Apicio.

The Sol Asylum at NYC Italian spot L’Apicio is a delicious blend of Solbeso (a fresh cacao fruit spirit), Greenhook Ginsmiths gin, Amère Nouvelle (bitters), lemon juice and a healthy egg white for a bit of frothy texture.

9. EGG SANDWICH - Juliet (Boston)

egg styles Photo provided by Juliet.

Juliet in Boston serves up farm-fresh egg sandwiches on English muffins with add-ins like country terrine (a cooked meat mixture that’s typically served in slices), ham or cheese for a satisfying breakfast.

10. FRIED OYSTER BENEDICT - Sink Swim (Chicago)

egg styles Photo provided by Sink Swim.

A creative take on a delectable classic, Sink Swim offers a Fried Oyster Benedict + Smoked Salmon with poached egg, white BBQ sauce, hollandaise and smoked pimenton — impossible not to fall in love with.

11. LODGE TOAST WITH CHICKEN LIVER + EGG - Dudley Market (Los Angeles)

egg styles Photo provided by Dudley Market.

Dudley Market serves an incredible selection of fresh breads and pastries as well as seasonal California dishes, such as Lodge Toast with Chicken Liver + Egg, proving everything is better with a “plus egg”.

12. PISCO SOUR - Mochica (San Francisco)

egg styles Photo provided by Mochica.

The Pisco Sour is a traditional drink of Peru made of pisco, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and egg whites. Mochica mixes things up with several variations, including the passion fruit-flavored Maracuya Sour and the Chicha Sour, made with Chicha Morada reduction (made from purple corn). No matter which kind you choose to enjoy, you'll love the frothy goodness of the an added egg white.

13. POACHED EGGS PUTTANESCA - Estrella (Los Angeles)

egg styles Photo provided by Estrella.

Serving American cuisine with globally inspired flavors, Estrella steps up the brunch game with a Poached Egg Puttanesca dish, served atop a potato cake.

14. SURF & TURF BURGER – The Franklin Room (Chicago)

egg styles Photo provided by The Franklin Room.

The Surf & Turf Burger at The Franklin Room — ⅓ lb. Wagyu beef, soft shell crab, whiskey-balsamic sauce, cheddar, provolone and bacon on a pretzel bun, is the ultimate handheld meal that's made even better with a fried egg.

15. AEROPUERTO - China Chilcano (Washington D.C.)

EGG STYLES Photo provided by China Chilcano.

The Aeropuerto at China Chilcano is a healthy portion of delicious egg noodles, fried rice, crisp sweet potatoes, seasonal vegetables and bean sprouts.  

16. EGGS BENEDICT – Post 390 (Boston)

egg styles Photo provided by Post 390.

Both French and European inspired, American joint Post 390 makes a memorable version of a brunch time favorite — Eggs Benedict — topped with poached eggs, shaved ham and covered in an egg-based hollandaise sauce.

17. DEVILED EGGS – Tuome (New York)

egg styles Photo provided by Toume.

One of the delectable dishes at Tuome in NYC is its deviled eggs — lightly breaded bites served crisp with chili — a great small plate to pair with a refreshing glass of white wine.

18. EGGS ALL DAY - The Metrograph Commissary (New York)

egg styles Photo provided by The Metrograph Commissary.

An American spot inspired by Old Hollywood, The Metrograph Commissary knows how to put a show on every plate, from its Scrambled Eggs with Marscapone & Wild Mushrooms to its Rice Salad with snap peas, herbs, buttermilk and a six-minute egg.

19. BIBB LETTUCE - Vee Vee (Boston)

egg styles Photo provided by Vee Vee.

At Vee Vee in Boston, the Bibb lettuce will keep your taste buds plenty entertained with crispy onions, roasted beets, buttermilk dressing and poached farm egg right on top.

20. CROQUE MADAME - Zazie (San Francisco)

egg styles Photo Provided by Zazie.

The Croque Madame at Zazie in San Francisco is topped with a sunny-side up egg, making it the perfect way to brighten up your day right from the start.

21. STEAK TARTARE - Hillside Supper Club (San Francisco)

egg styles Photo provided by Hillside Supper Club.

Showing off a new egg in town, Hillside Supper Club prepares a Steak Tartare with a quail egg, capers, cornichons, shallots and grilled levain.

22. CAROLINA SHRIMP & GRITS – Whetstone (Philadelphia)

egg styles Photo provided by Whetstone. Photo by Vanessa Beahn.

Traditional Southern cooking comes to life at Whetstone with Carolina shrimp sauteed with shallots, peppers and ham, served over cheesy grits and topped with a poached egg.

23. EGGS BENEDICT - Locanda (San Francisco)

egg styles Photo provided by Locanda.

Serving Roman-inspired classics, Locanda dishes out a tasty Eggs Benedict made with two poached eggs, prosciutto cotto, pizza bianca and a generous dollop of hollandaise.

24. BRUNCH PLATE - Fork (Philadelphia)

egg styles Photo provided by Fork.

Offering several exciting menus like a Summer Weekend Brunch or its Weekend Champagne Oyster and Jazz Brunch, Fork shows off a variety of New American dishes, including its smoked fish and capers with egg salad on the side.

25. EGG DISHES - Aldine (Philadelphia)

egg styles Photo provided by Aldine.

Aldine offers plenty of tasty egg dishes on their brunch menu and even some special items with eggs on their regularly changing la carte dinner menu.

26. EGG DISHES - Petrossian (Los Angeles)

egg styles Photo provided by Petrossian.

Get fancy with your eggs at Petrossian in LA with the Egg Royale, made with soft scrambled egg and topped with caviar.

27. SHRIMP 'A LA PLANCHA' - fundamental LA (Los Angeles)

egg styles Photo provided by fundamental LA.

Stop by fundamental LA for bistro-inspired American eats like the Shrimp ‘A La Plancha’ — complete with stewed okra, fried polenta and a sunny egg.

28. ARAMI RAMEN - Arami (Chicago)

egg styles Photo provided by Arami.

Savor the amazing flavors at Arami in Chicago with the Arami Ramen — an unbeatable combination of pork belly, soft egg, grilled enoki and house tsukemono (Japanese preserved vegetables) all stirred into one delicious bowl.

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