Published on March 30, 2016

Drew Parsons on Rock ‘N Roll & The Best Hangover Meal

Lifelong musician and current restaurateur Drew Parsons opened The Maiden late last year with his wife and co-owner Esti Parsons. We chatted with him about his musical background, the best part about working with his wife and the hangover meal he swears by.

How would you describe The Maiden's style?

A warm, casual bar and restaurant with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. The food focuses mainly on oysters, charcuterie and cheese, with frequently changing seasonal, modern American fare. I guess that would be “the corporate line.” To me, it’s an inviting neighborhood spot where you can get away from the large crowds, relax comfortably at the bar, discover some great wine and food, and maybe listen to some Iron Maiden in the men’s bathroom.

The Maiden- Boston -Interior Shot Photo provided by The Maiden.

Something surprising people don’t know about you?

I spent most of my life working as a professional musician playing bass with Tracy Bonham, Miley Cyrus, The Lemonheads and American Hi-Fi.

The Maiden- Boston -Oyster Bar Photo provided by The Maiden.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

My Granddad and Geezer Butler. They both taught me most of what I know about playing bass.

What’re the best and worst parts about working so closely with your wife?

It's difficult when you are small business owner to not bring your work home with you.  That is infinitely more difficult when your business partner is you wife. The best part? We spent many years of our relationship apart while I was touring with bands. Nothing beats getting to spend every day with her.

The Maiden- Boston - Restaurant Exterior Photo provided by The Maiden.

Typical breakfast? Over easy eggs, bacon, kimchi

Late night snack? Chips and salsa, but you gotta have Mi Nina corn chips. Chef Jamie Mammano knocked it out of the park with those chips!

Guilty pleasure? Chicken parms and Doritos, usually my hangover go-to meal

Favorite condiment? Bacon

Item you can’t live without? It used to be beer, but now that I'm in my forties, I think I have to go with fiber.

Any food you hate? Eggplant and any food involving the word, “chipotle.” Something about that word doesn't sit right with me.

What would we always find in your fridge? A whole chicken. We eat at least one a week at home.

Favorite vacation destination? Maui. We spent many months there recording our first American Hi-Fi album, and I got married there!

The Maiden- Boston -Drinks Photo provided by The Maiden.

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