Published on August 13, 2016

How to Eat Corn in LA: Dishes Poppin' Up All Over

Corn dishes in LA come in so many forms — grilled, popped, baked, boiled and more — and we can't get enough! Looking for some amazing ways to enjoy the bright yellow veggie? Check out these 4 different preparations to make summer in LA that much sweeter.

Great Corn Dishes in LA

1. On the Cob

corn dishes in LA Photo provided by EsCaLA.

Fully coated in zesty spices, the Roasted Corn On The Cobb at Korean restaurant EsCaLA is made with queso cotíja and crema.

2. Popped

corn dishes in LA Photo provided by A-Frame. Photo by Eric Shin.

Make a date for something sweet and spicy at A-Frame, with its Furikake Kettle Corn — a mix of corn pops, chili flakes, chives and butter.

3. Baked into Bread

corn dishes in LA Photo provided by Preux & Proper.

A true Southern treat, the Cast Iron Cornbread at Preux & Proper is topped with brown butter, blueberries and lemon curd ice cream.

4. In sauces

corn dishes in LA Photo provided by The Buffalo Club.

A healthy dose of delicious lentils is made all the better at The Buffalo Clubwith its Lentil Cake topped with tomatillo and sweet corn.

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