Published on January 30, 2015

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is an Italian-American restaurant created by Major Food Group’s Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick — the same team responsible for NYC hot spots Dirty French, Santina, ZZ's Clam Bar, Parm and Sadelle's. The restaurant pays homage to the essence of the great Italian-American restaurants of mid-20th century in New York, where exceptionally well-prepared food was served in elegant, comfortable and unpretentious settings.

Carbone's menu nods to that same history, but takes its culinary cues from the great talents and techniques of the present and of the future.

Esteemed NY Times food critic Pete Wells writes "It is a fancy red-sauce joint in Greenwich Village as directed by Quentin Tarantino, bringing back the punch-in-the-guts thrills of a genre that everybody else sees as uncultured and a little embarrassing, while exposing the sophistication that was always lurking there."

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