Published on March 10, 2015

Better Recommendations and More Options from Reserve

Starting today, Reserve, your dining concierge, has a few new features that help make dining even better - and make it even easier for you to have an amazing meal out.

Better status updates

When you place a reservation request through the app, Reserve communicates with the restaurant on your behalf, so you never have to make a phone call or hunt around on a website for a table. As always, Reserve will keep you updated on the status of your request, but now you can check your request’s status at a single glance, right in the app, in addition to receiving push notifications or text messages.

image Get custom recommendations and status updates on your requests right in the app

Great recommendations

Reserve is an expert on restaurants in your city, and just like any good concierge, you can get great recommendations of places you might like to try, based on your initial request. Just swipe to the right to see Reserve’s suggestions. You can read more details about each place, or simply add them to your request if you would like Reserve to try to get you seated there as well. Reserve can check on many restaurants concurrently, and adding more than one restaurant to your request can help you get a confirmed seat more quickly.

image Reserve will notify you if the restaurant has alternative options you might like

Alternative options

If a restaurant isn’t able to accommodate your original request but has another option you might like, Reserve will notify you and you’ll be able to see the alternative option right in the app. Options will be held for a limited time, so you’ll want to respond quickly if you’re interested. If we don’t hear from you before the offer expires, we’ll let the restaurant know so they can offer the seats to other hungry diners.



Take advantage of these new features by updating your Reserve app or downloading the latest version from the App Store or Google Play. Whether you’re making brunch plans, meeting up with friends for lunch or planning a business dinner, we can’t wait to help make your dining experience even better.

Happy dining,

Greg Hong, CEO and Co-Founder

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