Published on July 21, 2015

Beat the Heat, Go Out to Eat



We made waves in Boston last week when we announced that we are the first app that can help you both make a reservation and split the check.

Now, you can use this feature to enjoy the best spots for large parties in town. Celebrating a friend’s birthday, big promotion or special announcement? Book a table, split the bill and always get taken care of.

Dine better, pay smarter.

LOLITA (Back Bay)



With 50+ tequila options to choose from, you and your friends will never be thirsty.

LA BRASA (Somerville)



Spend an evening passing delightful small plates inspired by the flavors of Mexico, Peru and the Middle East.

WEST BRIDGE (Kendall Square)



Make it an evening at One Kendall by catching a movie at the Kendall Square Cinema or a brew at the Cambridge Brewing Company nearby.

BLUE DRAGON (Fort Point)



Share a whole duck, dumplings and many more of Chef Ming’s specialties at the Chef’s Table Omakase — available exclusively through Reserve.

Happy dining,

Maddie Bergier, Reserve Boston

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