Published on July 11, 2016

Not Just for Breakfast: 13 Bomb Bacon Dishes

Bacon’s not just for your morning routine anymore. Though traditionally served with eggs and sausage as part of a full breakfast, over the past few years, bacon dishes (and drinks!) have been showing up at all times of day, ranging everything from creative salads to thirst-quenching cocktails. 

Salt-cured, crispy and delicious, there are endless ways to enjoy this savory delight. Here are a few of our current favorite bacon dishes:


1. BACON & EGGS - The Backroom at Moody's (Boston)

bacon dishes Photo provided by The Backroom at Moody's.

The Backroom at Moody’s serves up a delicious pasta dish called “Bacon & Eggs,” a bacon bolognese (meat) sauce withblack pepper pasta and a luscious poached egg.

2. BACON - 25 Lusk (San Francisco)

bacon dishes Photo provided by 25 Lusk.

No proper brunch spread is complete without a few slices of crunchy bacon. 25 Lusk in SF crisps up some of the best — great alongside scrambled eggs, omelettes or even pancakes.

3. KALE & ESCAROLE SALAD - ROOT (Philadelphia)

bacon dishes Photo provided by ROOT.

The Kale & Escarole salad at ROOT in Philadelphia comes with crumbled egg, bacon and breadcrumbs, all tossed in Caesar dressing.

4. PIG BLOODY - The Pig (Washington D.C.)

bacon dishes Photo provided by The Pig.

The Pig in Washington D.C. shakes up a “Pig Bloody” (Mary), a bacon-infused take on the brunch favorite nearly making it a meal itself. And don’t miss the “Bacon Old Fashioned,” a savory twist on a classic cocktail, made with bacon-washed bourbon, maple syrup and bitters.

5. CHEF'S FAVORITE BURGER - Plan Check Kitchen + Bar (Los Angeles)

bacon dishes Photo provided by Plan Check Kitchen + Bar.

The Chef’s Favorite Burger at Plan Check Kitchen + Bar is made with bacon two ways, cheese two ways, a sunny fried egg, hot sauce and ketchup leather — a creative take on the favorite tomato-based condiment.

6. WOOD OVEN MAC 'N CHEESE - The Marshal (New York)

bacon dishes Photo provided by The Marshal.

Using local produce, The Marshal delivers a wood oven mac n’ cheese for the table — a savory mix of corkscrew pasta with thick-cut bacon and Pennsylvania Swiss cheese.

7. SMOKED TROUT BLT - Sink Swim (Chicago)

bacon dishes Photo provided by Sink Swim.

The Smoked Trout BLT at Sink Swim in Chicago is anything but an ordinary bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwich, combining smoky fish, crunchy bacon and a light, bright tartar sauce.

8. BLT & A Sandwich - Post 390 (Boston)

bacon dishes Photo provided by Post 390.

Post 390 in Boston puts its own twists on the classic sammie, layering grilled Sriracha pork belly, arugula, tomato jam and avocado between fresh sourdough slices for it's BLT & A Sandwich.

9. PEAS & BACON TOAST - Vernick Food & Drink (Philadelphia)

bacon dishes Photo provided by Vernick Food & Drink. Photo by Jason Varney.

The assorted toasts at Vernick Food & Drink in Philadelphia come topped with delectable combos, including Maryland crab, avocado and spicy radish, plus a meat-lover's favorite with peas and bacon.

10. BACON + BERRIES + FLUFF WAFFLE - The Sinclair (Boston)

bacon dishes Photo provided by The Sinclair.

The Sinclair in Boston features a Berries + Bacon + Fluff waffle — complete with Marshmallow Fluff, fresh berries and savory bacon — as part of their fun brunch waffle bar.

11. BACON CHEDDAR BUTTERMILK BISCUITS - Manhattan Beach Post (Los Angeles)

bacon dishes Photo provided by Manhattan Beach Post. Photo by Rick Poon.

In LA, Manhattan Beach Post bakes up fresh bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits and serves them with a side of creamy maple butter.

12. HOUSE-CURED BACON - Locanda (San Francisco)

bacon dishes Photo provided by Locanda.

Add a side of crisp, house-cured bacon to your brunch spread at Locanda in SF, perfect next to a stack of lemon-ricotta pancakes, hashbrowns or a fresh bagel with all the trimmings.


bacon dishes Photo provided by R2L.

The Chopped Steakhouse Salad from R2L in Philadelphia is a hearty mix of romaine lettuce, bacon, olives and blue cheese.

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