Published on June 5, 2015

$1 Million in NYC Blind Dates, Power Lunches, Working Dinners and Dining with Friends

We’re blown away that, just over half a year since Reserve launched in public beta, New York City diners have booked over $1,000,000 on Reserve in blind dates, power lunches, working dinners and delicious nights out with friends! Even with so many great restaurants in such a central area, one of the many reasons we chose to make New York City Reserve HQ, it was hard to imagine we’d reach this milestone so quickly.



It was just seven short months ago that we launched in New York with 17 amazing restaurant partners. We believed that we could make going out to eat better not only for guests but also for restaurants, and felt there would be appetite (pun intended) for Reserve from both sides.

The 17 partners we had at launch have been joined by many more — in fact, now approaching 50 restaurants in New York alone, Reserve partners have nearly tripled since launch. And it hasn’t just been New York. From around 60 restaurants in three cities in October, Reserve has expanded to work with more than 200 of the country’s best restaurants across five markets.

We’re thrilled to see such amazing growth across the board. With the weekend coming up, we hope that no matter whether you’re in New York or any of our other amazing cities, we can help you celebrate this great milestone with us.

Happy dining,

Greg Hong, Reserve CEO and Co-Founder

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