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What is Einat Admony’s Favorite Dish at Bar Bolonat?

Bar Bolonat serves modern Mediterranean and new Israeli cuisine in New York City’s West Village. Dishes highlight bold spices and flavors, incorporating local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients when possible. The restaurant earned two stars from Pete Wells and has been charming guests since the day it opened in the spring of 2014.


The restaurant’s interior. Photo provided by Bar Bolonat

We recently had the chance to chat with Chef/Owner Einat Admony on one of her favorite dishes at Bar Bolonat, Poussin.


Poussin. Photo provided by Bar Bolonat 

Could you tell us about this dish?

It’s our Persian rice with pomegranate walnut sauce chicken — the Poussin. For me, it reminds me so much of home, of my own recipe. It looks great, too.

I have memories of it, of Rosh Hashanah — a big holiday, the new year. When I was young my mom brought home two cases of pomegranates, and she made this sauce for hours and put five jars of it in the fridge. And she used it all year long to make black chicken. Basically, there are a lot of walnuts inside (I love walnuts), pomegranate seeds and Persian limes, a little saffron. It cooks for a long time. It tastes sweet and sour.

How is it prepared?

We do the sauce separate and we roast it. We take a cast iron and put Iranian rice and potato on the bottom, put the roast chicken and beautiful glaze all over it.

What does it pair well with?

Yalla, a tequila-based drink of ours, goes well with it. Orange and orange blossom and orange peel — it’s delicious.

Happy dining,

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