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Who’s New on Reserve? December 2016 Roundup

New year, more new restaurants on Reserve! Here’s a list of great spots in your cities — Boston / New England, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC — that are now exclusively on Reserve. We also went live in Asheville last week, so check out our list of awesome partners there too.

LA - Mare - American - Exterior - Patio with lights

27 Breezy Restaurant Patios to Spring Into

What’s not to like about a relaxing patio, backyard garden or open-air rooftop? Sunshine or starlight, we love cocktails or beers and bites with friends when it’s beautiful out. If you’re looking to keep things easy, breezy and delightful, here are 27 refreshing destinations that’ll get you in the mood for al fresco eating and drinking:


Octopus Sticking to Mouthwatering Menus in Boston

Despite Boston’s famed coast and the city’s culinary penchant for seafood, octopus has always been notoriously elusive. With skin capable of changing color and a jet of ink to cover their tracks, these soft-bodied, easy to eat mollusks — no, they’re not fish — appear to possess every conceivable characteristic to help them evade capture (or even just being located).