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Summertime Staple: 5 Fresh Ways to Enjoy Corn

Can’t keep your hands off corn? We get it. It’s even harder to pick a favorite way to eat it — grilled, popped, baked or boiled. How is it possible we’ve discovered so many amazing ways to enjoy this bright yellow veggie? We’ve had 10,000 years to tinker with new corn dishes since the indigenous people of Mexico first domesticated maize, more commonly known as corn.


What Every Beer Lover Needs to Know: Ales vs. Lagers

Sometimes there’s nothing better than an ice-cold beer on a warm afternoon (or evening, or night…). But with so many styles of beer out there, it can be tough to choose which one to enjoy. Understanding beer fundamentals, along with the two basic types (ales and lagers), will help you navigate any drink list or intimidating row of taps. (Picking up some fun facts to impress your drinking buddies never really hurts, either.)

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22 Restaurant Chandeliers Worth Looking Up To

From modern hand-blown bulbs to classic shimmering crystals, restaurants these days are lighting up their spaces with eye-catching chandeliers. Slip into one of these beautifully lit spots for a great meal, or model your dream home after one of these fine dining rooms. Here are 23 restaurants from across the country with the bright idea to add beautiful lighting:

Forbidden Root Reservations

Forbidden Root Reservations on Reserve

Make Forbidden Root reservations exclusively through Reserve. Tables are filling up fast in Chicago’s first brewery using all natural ingredients. FORBIDDEN ROOT  is a pub and “botanical brewery” that serves elevated bar food from Chef Dan Weiland as well as its own plant-infused ales and other complex beers. In the refurbished Hub Theater space, the stunning restaurant uses wood, brick and cast iron to create a sleek, industrial feel.