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Insider’s Guide: Roberth Sundell’s Top 10 Bay-Area Spots

Looking for the scoop on where to eat and drink in the Bay Area? Get an insider’s take on top spots from Roberth Sundell. The acclaimed Swedish-born chef runs Plaj, the only restaurant in San Francisco dedicated to Scandinavian cuisine. When he’s not cooking up great Nordic fare, you can find him at home in Petaluma, just outside SF, and from lobster to weinersnitchel, he’s got the skinny on some of the best not-to-be-missed gems in Northern California.

Photo provided by Pläj.

Photo provided by Pläj.

Roberth Sundell’s Top 10 Bay-Area Spots:


1. Sweetbreads at Commonwealth

2. Lobster Madeleine at Rich Table

3. All the pastas at SPQR

4. Mexican food at Nopalito

5. Weinersnitchel at Suppenkuche

Where to go for…

6. People watching – The Ferry Building. Always fun

7. Fancy dinnerCommonwealth. The food is outstanding.

8. A cocktail – Get the Downtown Manhattan at Absinthe on Hayes Street

And if you’re in Petaluma, a few must-dos…

9. CoffeeDella Fattora on Petaluma Boulevard

10. Brunch – Love Sunday brunch at Topsy’s Kitchen on Kentucky Street

11. Late-night biteSpeakeasy on Petaluma Boulevard. Open til 2am


Photo provided by Pläj.

Photo provided by Pläj.


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