9 Philly Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

There’s nothing sweeter than ending your meal with a decadent dessert. From cakes and pies to tarts and waffles, here are 9 of the best desserts at your favorite neighborhood spots in Philadelphia:


1. ALMOND BUTTER CAKE – Noord (East Passyunk)


Photo provided by Noord.

Noord tops off its drool-worthy buttery Almond Cake with a delectable heaping of bourbon cream.

2. TORTA DI MANDORLE – Le Virtu (East Passyunk)

Le Virtu

Photo provided by Le Virtu.

One of many delectable desserts at Le Virtu, the Torta di Mandorle is a flourless citrus-almond cake with cinnamon-whipped sheep’s milk ricotta and saffron honey.

3. STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE – The Olde Bar (Old City)

The Olde Bar

Photo provided by The Olde Bar.

Vibrant and refreshing, the Strawberry Shortcake (for two) with cream cheese mousse and strawberry mint sorbet is a must-order at The Olde Bar.

4. VANILLA CAKE – R2L (Rittenhouse Square)


Photo provided by R2L.

For those who love ooey gooey caramel candy, the warm Vanilla Cake with caramel sauce at R2L is right on so many levels.

5. CAST IRON APPLE PIE – Lo Spiedo (Navy Yard)

Lo Spiedo

Photo provided by Lo Spiedo.

A delicious (and essential) offering on Lo Spiedo’s classic American menu, the cast iron apple pie with cinnamon semifreddo evokes childhood, homey feelings.

6. PA DUTCH APPLE DUMPLING – Whetstone Tavern (Society Hill)

Whetstone Tavern

Photo provided by Whetstone Tavern. Photo by Vanessa Beahn.

Whetstone Tavern’s PA Dutch Apple Dumpling — made with flaky crust stuffed with half of a baked Gala apple and topped with brown sugar sauce and condensed milk ice cream — is the perfect dessert to cozy up to on a breezy night.

7. BELGIAN-STYLE WAFFLE – Amis Trattoria (Washington Square)

Philly - Amis Trattoria

Photo provided by Amis Trattoria.

End your meal on a sweet note with Amis Trattoria’s Belgian-style Waffle topped with Nutella, vanilla semifreddo and toasted hazelnuts.

8. BUDINO – Brigantessa (East Passyunk)


Photo provided by Brigantessa. Photo by Kateri Likoudis.

The Budino Di Cuscusu Al Cioccolato at Brigantessa, a warm Sicilian chocolate couscous pudding with dried cherries and toasted almonds, is the ideal accompaniment to the restaurant’s Southern Italian-inspired dishes.

9. BREAD PUDDING – Malbec Argentine Steakhouse (Queen Village)

Malbec Argentine Steakhouse

Photo provided by Malbec Argentine Steakhouse.

A popular bread-based dessert in Argentina, the Bread Pudding at Malbec Argentine Steakhouse is made in-house and is an ideal sweet treat after a hearty meat-based meal.

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