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4 Awesome Octopus Dishes in NYC

Looking to switch up your seafood routine? Octopus has become a popular mainstay in restaurants of all cuisine types, including Italian, Spanish and French. And we couldn’t be happier! When prepared well, the resulting flavor — both slightly sweet and reminiscent of the salty sea — can’t be beat. Check out a few of our favorite octopus dishes in NYC.


1. CHARRED OCTOPUS – dell’anima (New York)

octopus dishes in nyc

Photo provided by dell’aniima.

The Charred Octopus at dell’anima in NYC is unexpectedly delightful mix of rice beans, chorizo (pork sausage) and chicories (plants related to lettuces that are more bitter in flavor).

2. OCTOPUS – Flex Mussels (New York)

octopus dishes in nyc

Photo provided by Flex Mussels.

Flex Mussels in NYC features lots of amazing seafood items, including a charred octopus appetizer with capers, lemon and marble potatoes. (Pro tip: Be sure to save room for the amazing donuts!)

3. PULPO – Huertas (New York)

octopus dishes in nyc

Photo provided by Huertas. Photo by Lindsay Keys.

In this simple yet delicious shared plate from Basque-inspired Huertas in NYC, tender octopus is served with pimentón and potatoes.

4. OCTOPUS “PASTRAMI” – Bâtard (New York)

octopus dishes in nyc

Photo provided by Bâtard.

For a truly inventive take, check out the Octopus “pastrami” from Bâtard in NYC, prepared with braised ham hock, pommery mustard and new potatoes.

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