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Naz Riahi and Emily Schildt

Innovation Bug: Food & Culture with the Co-Founders of Bitten

Naz Riahi and Emily Schildt are the co-founders of Bitten — a conference that brings together innovators and pioneers passionate about tech, pop culture, entertainment and design to have conversations about the future of food — happening on February 12th in NYC. We recently caught up with them about being female entrepreneurs, the advanced palates of Gen Z and what our protein choices might look like not long from now.

Food Bank Tour

Food Bank for NYC and the Fight Against Hunger in the Big Apple

I had no idea what to expect when I boarded a shuttle bus on the Upper East Side heading to the Bronx. It was a midsummer day — July 23rd, 2015 — and I was on Food Bank for New York City’s Mission Engagement Tour. I made some assumptions about what that would look like, but I soon learned the takeaways — from visiting three distinct locations that day — were far greater than I could have imagined.


Supporting Journee and the Restaurant Community

Reserve’s mission has always been to make dining better for restaurants and guests. Though we’re a technology company, we realize that creating great food and providing exceptional hospitality is at the heart of running a great restaurant. That’s why we’re excited to announce a $15,000 donation to Journee, an educational organization dedicated to empowering restaurant pros and creating meaningful change for the industry.


4 Bombe Ideas: Lessons from a Cherry Jubilee

  The Cherry Bombe Jubilee, which took place this year on Sunday, March 29th at The High Line Hotel in New York City, was an extraordinary day of talks and panels filled with fabulous, fierce females. Personal success stories and healthy eating ruled the morning, followed by a cavalcade of witty anecdotes and comforting sweets in the afternoon. Fueled by direct-trade coffee and artisanal teas, discussions on business, family and community hummed along, peppered by personal tales of feeling overwhelmed or inspired by experiences, oftentimes both. Here were my four favorite themes.