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BBQ Infographic: America’s Love Affair with Grilling

Nothing screams summer like a good old-fashioned barbecue. Warm weather has always meant prime season for firing up those backyard grills, but today, one of our favorite national pastimes — grilling — is quickly becoming a popular year-round activity. More and more Americans are discovering the flavor-inducing power of an open flame — the perfect excuse to throw everything from hotdog-and-hamburger tailgate parties to pineapple-and-kebab dinner soirees.

Greg Hong

How to Win on Company Culture

Company culture starts before you even hire your first employee, and often develops organically as the company grows to several dozen employees. The bigger the company gets, the more important it is to develop cultural values and practices to make sure the entire company is on the same page. A strong company culture can help motivate employees, attract new hires, encourage innovation and much more. But how does company culture evolve and when should it be formalized?


The Beer Lover’s Infographic

What’s America’s favorite alcoholic beverage? Beer, of course! If you’re like us, you already know that an ice cold, thirst-quenching brew can really hit the spot. But what is beer exactly? Check out the infographic below for everything you ever wanted to know about beers, including the two main types, brewing terms, popular styles and the best foods to enjoy them with.

Greg Hong

3 Things to Learn From the Ultimate Entrepreneurs

You’ve got a great idea. It won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but you’ve done your research and there isn’t anyone out there doing it right. You start talking to a few friends, tap all your savings and get a little money together from people who believe in you. You find a place to work out of and set up shop. You build out your infrastructure, hire staff and spend all of your time at work, honing your vision for what the product will be, how the service will be. Your launch is getting close. Your friends and family test, … makes it easy to find new restaurants and instantly book reservations.

Introducing Reserve for Restaurants and

The restaurant reservation process is so familiar that it’s easy to overlook the fact that it could be a lot better. Reserve was created to make all aspects of the reservation process intuitive and pain-free for everyone, for every reservation. Today we’re taking two major steps forward. We’re introducing Reserve for Restaurants, a new table management system that offers restaurants more control, enables better hospitality and creates aligned incentives; and we’re launching, a web destination to discover great restaurants and instantly book reservations.


Reserve Now the Country’s Biggest Reservations and Payment Network

When you go out to eat, you shouldn’t have to use half a dozen different apps and services to find a restaurant, book a table and pay for a great meal. Since Day One, Reserve has been focused on improving every part of the dining experience — from the moment you decide you’re hungry all the way through seamless payment. Our integrated approach has been popular. Today, with 500 restaurants using Reserve, we are the largest restaurant reservations and payment network in the country.