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BBQ Infographic: America’s Love Affair with Grilling

Nothing screams summer like a good old-fashioned barbecue. Warm weather has always meant prime season for firing up those backyard grills, but today, one of our favorite national pastimes — grilling — is quickly becoming a popular year-round activity. More and more Americans are discovering the flavor-inducing power of an open flame — the perfect excuse to throw everything from hotdog-and-hamburger tailgate parties to pineapple-and-kebab dinner soirees.


The Beer Lover’s Infographic

What’s America’s favorite alcoholic beverage? Beer, of course! If you’re like us, you already know that an ice cold, thirst-quenching brew can really hit the spot. But what is beer exactly? Check out the infographic below for everything you ever wanted to know about beers, including the two main types, brewing terms, popular styles and the best foods to enjoy them with.

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Spring Stats: What to Eat Now

Did you know that people’s dining habits change with the weather? Spring has officially sprung, and the the start of those easy, breezy afternoons means one very important thing: fresh food season is here! Crisp asparagus, peas, strawberries, radishes (the list goes on) are bursting on the scene, and people are searching for (and digging into) all kinds of yummy, springtime foods.