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Drink Your Vitamins With These 24 Fruit & Veggie Cocktails

Getting that daily dose of fruits and vegetables just got a whole lot easier this summer. Why choose between crunching on carrots or downing a cool daiquiri? You can have your berries and drink them, too! Across the country fruity drinks and veggie cocktails favorites are being shaken and stirred, with ingredients like coconut, celery, strawberries and more making star appearances right there in your glass.  

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5 Pineapple Cocktails You Should be Crushing

Sunnier days are upon us, which means you’ll be needing lots of refreshing drinks to stay healthy and hydrated. One of the world’s favorite fruits — pineapple — is an excellent source of vitamin C and just so happens to be a great beverage addition, too! If that’s not reason enough to incorporate more of the tropical delight into your drinking regimen, here are 5 more.

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6 Things All Margarita Lovers Know to Be True

Who doesn’t want to get their hands on the perfect margarita? Whether it’s poolside with pals, paired with a Mexican meal or late night in a bar, there’s never a bad reason to reach for the citrusy cocktail. But where did the classic drink originate, and what are the best ways to enjoy it? Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about this legendary beverage.

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11 Cocktails to Be Inspired by in SF

Looking to shake things up the next time you’re eating out? Flip over to the cocktail menu for a handcrafted drink that’ll add an exciting twist to your meal. Whether it’s a splash of something smoky, a fruity concoction or a savory blend straight up or on the rocks, San Francisco is home to a cocktail fix for every taste. Here are 11 inspired beverages to experience in the City by the Bay:

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6 Festive Cocktails to Toast the Holidays

Celebration season is in full swing! While all those festive office parties and house fêtes promise to be tons of fun, we figured it couldn’t hurt to keep a shortlist of where to go (and what to drink) when you’re looking to ring in the holidays at a great restaurant. Time to raise a glass — these drinks are sure to keep you in good spirits!