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Summertime Staple: 5 Fresh Ways to Enjoy Corn

Can’t keep your hands off corn? We get it. It’s even harder to pick a favorite way to eat it — grilled, popped, baked or boiled. How is it possible we’ve discovered so many amazing ways to enjoy this bright yellow veggie? We’ve had 10,000 years to tinker with new corn dishes since the indigenous people of Mexico first domesticated maize, more commonly known as corn.

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Fermented Foods: What They Are & How to Enjoy Them

Ever wonder, “What are fermented foods?” You’re not alone. Some of our favorite parts of everyday meals — like yogurt, pickles, kimchi or kombucha — just so happen to be fermented. Touted as being among the world’s healthiest things to eat and drink, fermented foods are great for digestion and filled with “good” gut bacteria. They’ve become a popular additions to many restaurant menus, as well as the latest diet trends, including Paleo and Whole30, because of all the positive health (not to mention flavor) boosts.

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23 Dishes That Are So Hot Right Now

Ever since Sriracha exploded a few years ago, the amount of spicy food on any given restaurant menu has reached new heights. Changing consumer tastes and changing demographics have called for more fiery foods and restaurants are spicing up their offerings. Think about it — when was the last time you were in a restaurant that didn’t have hot sauce on hand?

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6 Cheese Facts: How to Make Cheese Part of Your Healthy Diet

Salty, decadent, creamy, strong – there are so many different kinds of cheeses sometimes it’s hard to know which to pick. Especially if you’re trying to eat healthy, it might seem better to skip the cheese course all together, but with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommending three cups of dairy products daily, it’s easy to advocate for cheese’s place in a balanced meal. Arm yourself with a few cheese facts to choose your cheeses wisely!

Mediterranean Cuisine

What Makes it Mediterranean? These 5 Major Ingredients

Popular in the US for decades because of a winning combination of healthy benefits and delicious flavors, Mediterranean cuisine keeps winning fans.  With an emphasis on fresh vegetables, lean meats like fish and the good healthy fats found in olive oil and legumes, it’s no wonder that people are exploring these ingredients more. But what makes it Mediterranean, exactly?