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BBQ Infographic: America’s Love Affair with Grilling

Nothing screams summer like a good old-fashioned barbecue. Warm weather has always meant prime season for firing up those backyard grills, but today, one of our favorite national pastimes — grilling — is quickly becoming a popular year-round activity. More and more Americans are discovering the flavor-inducing power of an open flame — the perfect excuse to throw everything from hotdog-and-hamburger tailgate parties to pineapple-and-kebab dinner soirees.

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16 Octopus Dishes We’re Sticking To This Summer

Over the past several months, octopus dishes have been making waves on menus from coast to coast. With skin capable of changing color, a jet of ink to cover their tracks, two keen eyes, four pairs of arms and a beak, these soft-bodied, highly intelligent mollusks — no, they’re not fish — are among the more elusive seafood items. While octopuses (yes, that’s the proper plural) are sometimes misunderstood, when prepared well, these mysterious creatures make for some delectable dishes. Check out a few fast facts about these tasty invertebrates:

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6 Ice Cream Desserts to Help You Keep Your Cool

Do you love ice cream desserts? Whether you’re a die-hard aficionado or just appreciate the creamy treat, the nation’s top restaurants are taking a cue from the country’s best ice cream shops, changing it up (and mixing things in). Maybe you’re a purist who goes hard for a simple vanilla, or exotic matcha-black-sesame is more your style. 

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5 Pineapple Cocktails You Should be Crushing

Sunnier days are upon us, which means you’ll be needing lots of refreshing drinks to stay healthy and hydrated. One of the world’s favorite fruits — pineapple — is an excellent source of vitamin C and just so happens to be a great beverage addition, too! If that’s not reason enough to incorporate more of the tropical delight into your drinking regimen, here are 5 more.

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9 Ways to Spice Up Your Summer BBQ

Summer is almost here, and with it comes the promise of plentiful backyard barbecues. This season, up the ante on your usual hamburgers-and-hot-dogs routine, and take inspiration from the Deep South, St. Louis and even Asia. Because when it comes to chilling and grilling, we aim to satisfy all of our sunny-day cravings.

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13 Fried Chicken Dishes We Could Eat by the Bucket

Summer is a great time to gather your crew, tuck a napkin in your shirt and share some fun meals — and there’s no better food to enjoy together than fried chicken. Whether it’s light meat, dark meat, a wing, breast or thigh, we can’t get enough of this finger-licking good treat. Typically made from from floured or battered broiler chickens (those raised for meat production), fried chicken can be pan fried, deep fried, or pressure fried to crispy perfection and seasoned with everything from garlic powder and cayenne to paprika, salt and pepper.