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5 Super Slammin’ Spots To Get Your Sushi On

Holiday season eating has just begun, but it’s already starting to feel like we might need a break from all the candies, cakes, cookies and casseroles greeting us at every turn. If, like us, you’re craving something fresh, clean and delicious, sushi might just hit the spot.


5 Super Spots to Get Sushi

MARUYA (San Francisco)

Chef Shinichi Kawaguchi presents his interpretation of Edomae sushi in its classic form: fish slightly brushed with a modest amount of “shoyu” (Japanese for “soy sauce”).

Sushi - SF - Maruya

While the chef’s choice omakase menu is the cornerstone of the restaurant’s culinary offerings, an a la carte menu is also available. The clean, modern setting features black walnut tables and a handcrafted cyprus sushi bar.

ARAMI (Chicago)

Formerly of Michelin-starred Oceana in Manhattan, Executive Chef Frederick (Fred) Despres incorporates a broad range of globally inspired flavors into his gorgeous sushi.

Sushi - Chicago - Arami

Arami presents modern, diverse takes on traditional Japanese dishes using ingredients from sustainable sources. Guests can choose from a wide variety of sakes, wines, cocktails, beers and spirits to complement the menu in the brick-walled dining room, where skylights flood the space with sunlight.


This intimate sushi-bar uses old-school, minimalist techniques to preserve the flavors of the fresh seafood.

Sushi - LA - Sushi Tsujita1

Part of the growing Tsujita empire in Tokyo, Sushi Tsujita offers an omakase-style menu (chef’s choice). The restaurant is typical of clean Japanese design, with comforting, geometric shapes covering the walls, and features a patio room to enjoy its cocktail, wine and sake offerings.

BONDST (New York City)

Occupying three floors of a historic NoHo brownstone, BONDST serves up sushi and Japanese food in a chic atmosphere.

bondst nyc

While the intimate space of the ground floor houses a sushi bar and banquettes amidst the softly textured decor, the second floor features a large dining space and a bar overlooking cobblestoned Bond Street. A curated list of wines, sakes and cocktails is available to complement any dish at any level.

O YA (Boston)

Chef Tim Cushman’s award-winning Japanese restaurant offers some of the most elegant sushi in town.


Behind a discreet door in the historic Leather District and at the end of an entryway made of garden stones is o ya. Seafood dominates the menu, which also features vegetable, pork and beef-based dishes. Seasonal options, along with a chef’s tasting menu, are also available.

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