Month: October 2016

lincoln square restaurants

5 Dishes to Devour at Hot Chicago Steakhouse Knife

Among all the hot, new Lincoln Square restaurants that opened in 2016 is Knife, a steak and seafood spot that serves locally sourced dry-aged beef, fresh fish, and delicious sides. The much anticipated restaurant from chef Timothy Cottini and owner David Byers (Fork) offers a cool, contemporary take on the classic steakhouse with food so good you’ll be running to tell all your friends. 


How Reserve is Taking Customer Success to New Heights

When you’re an early stage startup, you’re like a newborn baby that’s trying to figure out the world and your place in it. Eventually, you grow out of life’s early stages of infancy and childhood and find a place for yourself. Reserve has moved through those stages in the past two years and is better off for it — we now fully understand our mission and have a stronghold on our position in the industry. We don’t need to crawl or walk anymore. Now, we can sprint. 

spike mendelsohn bearnaise

Spike Mendelsohn on Marketing & Why Rents Should Be Lower

Ever since Spike Mendelsohn appeared on the fourth season of Top Chef in 2008, he’s been raking in win after win. But long before he became a popular food media personality, he was spending his childhood days among the French bistros of Montreal and Paris, learning all about the business of restaurants and hospitality from his parents. Today, he and his family own several popular Washington D.C. spots — Good Stuff Eatery, Béarnaise and We, The Pizza.