Month: July 2016

cheese facts

6 Cheese Facts: How to Make Cheese Part of Your Healthy Diet

Salty, decadent, creamy, strong – there are so many different kinds of cheeses sometimes it’s hard to know which to pick. Especially if you’re trying to eat healthy, it might seem better to skip the cheese course all together, but with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommending three cups of dairy products daily, it’s easy to advocate for cheese’s place in a balanced meal. Arm yourself with a few cheese facts to choose your cheeses wisely!

what is poke

Poke, Ceviche and Crudo: Your Guide to Raw Fish Dishes

If you’ve dined out recently, you’ve probably noticed the increasing appearance of raw fish on restaurant menus. Many chefs have discovered that a number of fish and shellfish don’t need to be heated prior to serving and that they are incredibly tasty served au naturel — uncooked and with just a few simple ingredients. While ceviche and crudo have been leading the raw movement, the Hawaiian dish “poke” (pronounced POH-kay) has recently graduated to trend-of-the-moment status, delighting diners from sea to shining sea. If you’re wondering, “What is poke?” you’re not alone. These raw seafood dishes originate from different regions, but …

Mediterranean Cuisine

What Makes it Mediterranean? These 5 Major Ingredients

Popular in the US for decades because of a winning combination of healthy benefits and delicious flavors, Mediterranean cuisine keeps winning fans.  With an emphasis on fresh vegetables, lean meats like fish and the good healthy fats found in olive oil and legumes, it’s no wonder that people are exploring these ingredients more. But what makes it Mediterranean, exactly?

mezcal vs tequila

Mezcal vs. Tequila: What You Need to Know

Tequila has been a staple on cocktail menus across the country for years, but its smoky flavored relative — mezcal — is reaching new heights of popularity. Made from largely the same ingredients as tequila, mezcal is beginning to catch up as an essential ingredient in Mexican cocktails. Knowing the basic differences between mezcal and tequila will help you select, drink and enjoy each Mexican distilled beverage like a pro.