Month: May 2016


5 Reasons You Should Be Going Wild for Strawberries

It’s getting to be that time of year — strawberry season! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, snack time or after dinner, we’ll take any excuse to pop these delightful red berries into our mouths. They’re one of the world’s favorite fruits, and according to the history books, strawberries have played many important roles throughout the ages. Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about these juicy little treats. makes it easy to find new restaurants and instantly book reservations.

Introducing Reserve for Restaurants and

The restaurant reservation process is so familiar that it’s easy to overlook the fact that it could be a lot better. Reserve was created to make all aspects of the reservation process intuitive and pain-free for everyone, for every reservation. Today we’re taking two major steps forward. We’re introducing Reserve for Restaurants, a new table management system that offers restaurants more control, enables better hospitality and creates aligned incentives; and we’re launching, a web destination to discover great restaurants and instantly book reservations.

Chicago - The Dawson - Contemporary American  - Seafood - Lobster, Oysters, Shrimp, ice bucket

28 Raw Bars to Shell-ebrate Right Now

One of our favorite warm weather activities is kicking back with a platter of oysters and some cold beers or a bottle of rosé, a pastime that’s been popular for many years, in many places. Restaurants that offer live seafood, or a service known as a raw bar, began cropping up in Europe in the mid-1700s before landing in the United States in the early 1800s. Though the trend originally began with just oysters — the oldest oyster bar in the United States opened in 1826 in Boston — it wasn’t long before the craze expanded to include a variety …


4 Mexican Spots Where You’ll Find the Cool Kids in LA

Our love affair with Mexican food knows no bounds. To us, heaven is an endless supply of tacos and enchiladas, chips with salsa and guacamole, and tangy margaritas to wash it all down. If you’re looking for somewhere to kill your craving for those spicy Latin flavors, here’s where you’ll find some of the best Mexican food in LA — plus a cool crowd to enjoy it with:

Photography by Anjali Pinto,

12 Sandwiches You Need to Get Your Hands On

No matter how you like them or what’s inside, biting into gorgeously stacked sandwiches is awesome. The invention of the modern day sandwich can be traced all the way back to 18th-century Europe, when it started as two slices of bread with a simple meat filling. The delicious, portable meal has come a long way in the last few hundred years. 

Photo provided by Huertas. Photo by Nancy Borowick.

Insider’s Guide to NYC: Nate Adler’s 10 Top Spots

Ever wanted to eat like an insider? Check out the top NYC spots from Nate Adler, whose Spanish-inspired restaurant, Huertas, dishes out tasty tapas and drinks to hungry East Village-goers in an intimate space on First Avenue. From the best bagels to where to grab a late-night bite, this local expert’s picks will help you discover some of the city’s most delectable dishes.

LA - Barrique - Tartara di Tonno

21 Fresh Fish Dishes Perfect for Spring

Spring is officially here! As we begin to shed our heavy winter coats and comfort-food cravings, what could be better than a little light seafood to get us beach-season ready? Whether you fancy a whole fish brushed with olive oil, sashimi delivered with just a dash of wasabi or a ceviche sprinkled with lime juice, one thing’s for sure, a deliciously prepared catch makes for a great warm-weather meal. Here are 21 fish dishes that have springtime written all over them:

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Stephen Starr Restaurants on Reserve

Highly acclaimed restaurateur Stephen Starr’s five New York City restaurants are all new to Reserve this week! The hot, fast-growing group offers a variety of international cuisines and styles — Japanese, Mexican and American — with one common thread: a first-class dining experience. Get seated now in the app.

SF - La Urbana

6 Things All Margarita Lovers Know to Be True

Who doesn’t want to get their hands on the perfect margarita? Whether it’s poolside with pals, paired with a Mexican meal or late night in a bar, there’s never a bad reason to reach for the citrusy cocktail. But where did the classic drink originate, and what are the best ways to enjoy it? Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about this legendary beverage.